Recipe of the Month – June 2015

Green beans prevail in the center of our physical being, protein prevails, keeping us strong. Within our spiritual being trust prevails, providing the anchor upon which all relationships are built, especially the ones that we have with ourselves. ... Read more »

Monthly Tips – June 2015

I always say that June is a most expensive month. Sometimes it costs more to get past the weddings, the graduations, the camps and cars that need to be fixed because we are all driving from here to there so very much. So, I always prepare for June ... Read more »

Five Ways to a More Mindful Life

Being one of the premier experts in mindfulness people ask me a lot of questions about what exactly mindfulness is – and what it is not. I thought that I would address some of those concerns in this short piece and, then, sometime soon, expand my ... Read more »

Monthly Tips – May 2015

If you haven’t already done it then it’s time for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Let’s go ahead and sweep and/or wash away old energies so as the seasons change everything will feel brighter and better with your world. According to Feng Shui a ... Read more »

Recipe of the Month – May 2015

May Day is a day dedicated to fertility and the return of the light of the Sun. Some customs call for dancing around a Maypole decorated with flowers and multicolored ribbons. This intertwining of plaiting symbolizes the coupling that takes place in ... Read more »