Super Stellar Day

August 2015

GREAT news! The Super Stellar Day of this month might just be the Super Duper Stellar Day of the entire year! This will certainly be the LUCKIEST day of the year and will bring you lots of fortune and luck on…


This will be the day that the sizzling Sun will conjunct generous and expansive Jupiter making this FIVE STAR DAY one for the record book. You will definitely want to take the most advantage possible of all of these spectacular and excellent energies and one way to do that is to place an image (or the actual fish) arrowana fish either in the ‘WEALTH’ area of your living space (back left-hand corner) or anywhere by the front door – as long as the image has he fish swimming into your house and not heading out of it.

The back left is considered the universal ‘Wealth; area and is ruled by the element of wood. Water produces wood, and so by placing your arrowana in this space you are using an element energizer to activate the abundance and money luck. This fish represents both and is said to bring you tons of fortune and treasures untold.

The front door represents career luck and is ruled by the element of water so you are energizing and activating the luck of that area directly placing a water feature there. If you want your money fish to bring you fortunes and luck, abundance and wealth and a healthy happy career then you should energize that area. By strengthening the energies by the formal front entry you are also enhancing career luck and will now shoot up the ladder of success.

This is a wonderful Feng Shui cure for this most wonderful of days!

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