Super Stellar Day

July 2015

This FIVE STAR day starts out the month making some wonderful music. This amazing day complements the Full Moon in Capricorn that is also a Full Moon conjunct powerful Pluto while also opposing some other planets on this day too. But those are not the energies that will make the following day one for the record books. You will be enjoying July as soon as it starts since the SUPER STELLAR DAY OF THE MONTH IS:


On this day, Venus, the Goddess of Money and Love will conjunct Jupiter showcasing beauty, love, luxury and FUN – FUN – FUN for all. All that and more will be yours to wave a wand at on this bewitching day.

I would make your words your wand on this day (and the nine that follow.) Florence Shinn tells us to take advantage of these sorts of energies by demanding what she called “divine selection.”

You can do that by reciting the following affirmation at least nine times per day for nine consecutive days. You will say this three times in the morning, three times again in the afternoon and three times at night. The special and magical and, yes, bewitching words that will bring you all the gifts promised by those magical energies are these:

“Infinite Spirit. Open the way for my right home, my right friends, my right position. I give thanks it NOW MANIFESTS UNDER GRACE IN A PERFECT WAY.”

The latter part of this affirmation is most important especially using the words “in a perfect way.” Perfectly perfect in every perfect way.

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